One of my friends always wears either pigtails or boys and that is why I have given her some personalized ties to hold the boys. She has always been very flirtatious and conceited, so she likes things that are unique. So I thought that giving her personalized ribbons that only she was going to have was going to delight her.

I personally am not that I am too conceited and it is not that I like buying new things too much, I will only buy when I urgently need something. And besides, I like it when I go to buy some clothes to buy things in duplicate, so that way I don’t have to go shopping for long enough. I don’t understand people who have to go shopping whenever they can. A friend of mine is called the girl with the bags because whenever she comes home she carries at least two bags on her.

Shopping for me was always an ordeal and I have never come to like it, more than anything because I do not like the crowds of people in closed areas and in stores, normally it is what you end up finding, especially in a sports store well-known in my city, in which parents seem to take their children to let off steam because they leave them running around without caring if they are bothering other clients. That’s why I decided that I would only go to that sports store on a Monday or Tuesday at noon, which is the time when the least people you can find. In a little while it seems to me that I am going to have to go to this sports store to buy a pair of swimsuits, to have a spare, because I cannot be alone with a swimsuit. There for less than ten euros I get a safe pair of swimsuits and it is not that they are of poor quality, I have been able to verify in the pool that they are of better quality of much more expensive swimsuits at least the chlorine in the pool affects them less in the loss of color.